how to watch the bills game tonight for free

how to watch the bills game tonight for free

Watching the Bills Game Tonight For Free

There are a few options for watching the Buffalo Bills game for free tonight. Here’s how to do it:

OPTION 1:Watch on NFL Network

  • Tune in to NFL Network at kick off (7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT)
  • NFL Network offers live coverage of the entire regular season.

OPTION 2:Check Local Listings

  • Check your local listings for free over-the-air broadcasts of the game.
  • Most local networks in the Buffalo area carrying the Bills game will have a free, HD broadcast.

OPTION 3:Stream Live on Your Phone or Tablet

  • Download the official NFL App if you have an iOS or Android OS device.
  • With the NFL App, you can stream live games to your phone or tablet.

OPTION 4:Stream Live Online

  • The Bills and NFL game streams are also available on some free streaming sites.
  • Just Google “live NFL stream” to find a free, legal stream to watch the game.

With these options, you can watch the Buffalo Bills game for free tonight with ease. Have fun cheering on your team!



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