how to watch the bruins game tonight

how to watch the bruins game tonight

How to Watch the Bruins Game Tonight

Are you an avid Bruins fan looking for a way to watch the game tonight? Here’s the ultimate guide to watching the Bruins game without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Step One: Research TV and Streaming Services

The Bruins will be playing on a regional sports network (like NESN), local affiliate and selected national TV networks. Therefore, it’s important to research which services your area offers so you can watch the game.

Step Two: Buy and Update the Hardware

If you have a television set that is compatible with the service you chose, you may not need to buy any additional hardware. However, if you don’t have the right hardware, you may need to buy a special device or television set to view the game.

Step Three: Sign Up for a Service

Once you’ve determined which services and hardware you need, it’s time to sign up for a streaming or cable/satellite service to watch the game. Many cable/satellite companies offer multiple sports packages which include coverage of the Bruins game.

Step Four: Watch!

Once you’ve signed up for the service and made sure you have the appropriate hardware, you’re all set to watch the game! Grab a seat, a snack and you’re all set. Let’s go Bruins!

Bonus Tips:

  • Download the Team App: Download the official Bruins app to get the latest updates on the team, standings, highlights and more.
  • Sign up for a Sports Streaming Package: If you don’t have cable or satellite, you can sign up for a streaming package to watch the game.
  • Listen on the Radio: Listen to the game on your radio or streaming station to hear all the action.



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