how to watch the celtics game

how to watch the celtics game

Watching the Celtics Game

If you are a big basketball fan and want to catch the Boston Celtics in the middle of a thrilling game, here are some tips to help you out.

Via Television

  • Check listings for the Celtics schedule on your national sports channel such as ESPN. When it’s game night, tune in to ESPN to watch the action live.
  • Determine which regional sports channel will be featuring the Celtics game. For example, NBC Sports may cover the majority of games around the Boston area.
  • Purchase a subscription to a sports channel that broadcasts Celtics games. NBA TV, for example, is an online streaming service that will provide plenty of Celtics games throughout the season.

Via Online Streaming

  • Head over to the NBA’s official website where you can watch live out-of-market games. You can purchase a league pass to have off-market access, or purchase individual game passes.
  • Find a streaming service that caters to fans of the Celtics. Services such as Hulu and YouTube TV provide live streaming services that may include the Celtics channel.
  • Stay connected with the Celtics via their official app. With the app, you can access replays from past games and the latest news.



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