how to watch the colts game today

how to watch the colts game today

Watching the Colts Game Today

The Indianapolis Colts have developed a stellar reputation as one of the most exciting teams in the NFL, so watching a Colts game is always a great way to spend an afternoon. Here’s what to do if you want to watch the Colts game today.

1. Ask around.

If you know some fellow Colts fans, either in person or online, you could easily find out where to watch the game. They may already have a viewing party planned, and even if not, they’re sure to have some great ideas for how to watch the game.

2. Check the NFL’s Online Platforms

If you’re comfortable streaming the game online, there are a few great options for watching the Colts game today. Here are some of the most popular platforms:

  • The NFL Mobile app – You can download this free app to your phone if you’re signed up with a provider like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon.
  • NFL Game Pass – This option is perfect for hardcore fans, as it allows you to watch every NFL game, including the Colts game today, on demand or live.
  • FuboTV – This streaming service offers high quality NFL coverage, so you can watch the Colts game whenever you please.

3. Look for Local Pubs and Bars.

If you want to watch the Colts game with some other fans, you’re sure to find a sporting bar or pub to watch the game today. You might even be able to find a dedicated Colts fans-only pub. Keep your eyes open for any special promotions or events, like halftime trivia or free giveaways.

So if you want to watch the Colts game today, these tips should help you find the perfect viewing spot. Whether it’s on the sofa, at a pub, or streaming online, you’re sure to find a great way to watch the Colts bring home another 9. Enjoy the game!



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