how to win at cracker barrel peg game

how to win at cracker barrel peg game

Cracker Barrel Peg Game: Tips and Tricks to Win

The classic wooden board game popularized by the Cracker Barrel restaurants is a peg-jumping game with a simple objective: to be the first one to remove all of your own pegs by jumping over the pegs of other players! The peg game is a classic mind game, and can be just as competitive as the other popular board games like checkers and chess. Here are some tips and tricks to winning at Cracker Barrel’s peg game.

Understand the Rules of the Game

The first and most important step for success in this game is to understand the rules. The game starts with all pegs present on the board, and the players take turns jumping over the pegs of the other players into an open space. The jumped over peg is removed from the board, and the player turns ends. The winning player is the one who removes all of their own pegs from the board.

Go for the Corners

It’s important to remember that the objective is to have all your own pegs off the board. Get rid of your pegs in the corners first. When a peg is in the corner, it’s very difficult for other players to jump it. If an opponent is unable to jump your peg, it will stay on the board until your next turn. This can help ensure that your last peg is the last one standing.

Stay Ahead of the Other Players

Another important tactic for success is to stay one step ahead of the other players. Try to plan out your moves in advance and be strategic about which peg you choose to move. Choose the peg that gives you the most options for moves and that is the least vulnerable.

Points of Leverage

Look for points of leverage in your opponents’ pegs, where you can jump over multiple pegs and clear out part of their side of the board. This can help you work on a strategy of assault in order to win the game.

Jump Your Own Pegs

If you’re down to just a few pegs, there are a few strategic tips you can use to your advantage. Jumping your own pegs into the opponent’s side of the board can help block them from jumping your other pegs and can help you come out on top as the winner.


With a few of these tips and tricks, you’ll be a peg game professional in no time! The peg game is all about strategy, so the more you practice the better you’ll become. And before you know it, you’ll be beating your opponents in the classic Cracker Barrel peg game every time.



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