is control a horror game

is control a horror game

Is Control a Horror Game?

Control, developed by Remedy Entertainment, is a psychological action-adventure title. The game has been praised for its beautiful level design, incredible graphics, and gripping story. But is Control a horror game?

Control is Psychological Horror

At its core, Control is a psychological horror. Taking cues from classic works such as The X-Files and Twin Peaks, Control places players in a surreal otherworldly environment and allows them to explore its mysterious confines. Elements of horror are woven throughout the narrative, with a dark atmosphere and a slow reveal of increasingly disturbing secrets. Even when not directly confronting the game’s monsters, the oppressive atmosphere and the unsettling information lurking in the background provide a unique horror experience.

Gameplay Enhances Horror Atmosphere

Gameplay also contributes to the horror atmosphere of Control. The map is vast and labyrinthine, filled with strange objects and odd occurrences. It’s easy to get lost, and even when you think you’re sure of your bearings, something might be lurking up ahead. As you progress through the game, you’ll be met with the usual challenges such as puzzles and combat, but they’ll all be steeped in a sinister tension.


While Control may not be the horror game that many might typically think of, its psychological horror atmosphere, coupled with its unique gameplay elements, makes it a horror experience all its own. Whether it’s the creepy visuals, the oppressive atmosphere, or the constant sense of dread, Control delivers a psychological horror experience that will stay with you long after the game is over.

Key Points:

  • Control is a psychological horror experience
  • Gameplay enhances horror atmosphere
  • Control is an unsettling experience that will stay with you



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