is control a horror game

is control a horror game

Is Control a Horror Game?

Control is a third-person action-adventure video game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by 505 Games. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2019. The game follows protagonist Jesse Faden as she explores an otherworldly New York City, as she attempts to regain control of the Federal Bureau of Control from its enigmatic and malevolent leader, the Hiss. Control has been classified as a third-person shooter and has been labeled as a “metaphysical action-adventure”. But the question is: is Control a horror game?


Control features a dynamic atmosphere that changes as players explore their surroundings. The environment is dark and oppressive and is filled with unsettling imagery. The game features some unusual characters, as well as shadowy and surreal creatures. While there are no traditional jump scares, Control delivers a feeling of uneasiness throughout.

Audio Design

The audio design of Control builds upon the atmosphere of dread and helps to create tension. The game features an ominous soundtrack that builds with each encounter with enemies and the mysterious environment. The soundtrack is dynamic and adaptive, changing with the action onscreen. On top of this, the environmental sound effects are eerie, creating a chilling atmosphere no matter where Jesse is exploring.

Gameplay and Story

The story of Control follows Jesse as she traverses the shifting landscape of the sprawling Oldest House in search of her missing brother. Along the way she encounters and battles the Hiss, as well as other strange creatures and entities. The gameplay also reflects the horror elements of the story. Combat is fast paced and intense, with Jesse using a variety of supernatural abilities to defeat her enemies.


So, is Control a horror game? It certainly has horror elements, with a foreboding atmosphere and audio design that creates tension. The story and gameplay also reflect a horror experience, with Jesse using her supernatural powers to battle mysterious and sinister creatures. Ultimately, while Control is not a traditional horror game, it certainly leans towards the genre and has plenty to offer for horror fans.



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