is cubs game rained out today

is cubs game rained out today

Is the Cubs Game Rained Out Today?

With the current pandemic upending virtually every aspect of life, sports leagues have been forced to come up with creative solutions to honor their traditions and events. Fans of Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs have been wondering if the team’s regularly scheduled games are still taking place or if they’ve been canceled due to the rain.

Will the Game Be Played Regardless of the Rain?

The short answer to this question is that MLB and the Cubs have done their best to keep games on track despite the rain. A number of precautions have been implemented, such as:

  • Delay the Game Time – If a game is scheduled when rain is expected, the official game start time may be moved up or pushed back.
  • Postpone the Game Entirely – If the rain is expected to last more than an hour, the game might be postponed entirely.
  • Cancel the Game Altogether – If the weather conditions are severe enough, the game might be canceled outright, with a make-up game to be determined at a later date.

How Can I Tell If the Cubs Game is Rained Out?

The best way to know if the Cubs game is rained out is to check the team’s website. Information about weather conditions and any delays or cancellations can be found there. You can also follow the team on social media or tune in to a live broadcast to get the latest news on the game.

Can I Refund or Exchange My Tickets?

If the game is postponed or canceled due to the rain, the ticket office will provide customers with the option to receive a refund or exchange their tickets. For more information, it’s best to reach out to the team’s ticket office.

In conclusion, the Chicago Cubs are still playing their games despite the rain, and fans can easily find out if a game is canceled by checking the team’s website. If a game is indeed canceled due to inclement weather, customers will be able to get a refund or exchange their tickets.



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