is elden ring a lord of the rings game

is elden ring a lord of the rings game

Is Elden Ring a Lord of the Rings Game?

Elden Ring is the most anticipated upcoming RPG from Dark Souls developer FromSoftware. Initial reports have led many to believe that this new title may be based on, or somehow connected to, the epic fantasy franchise Lord of the Rings. While the rumors remain unconfirmed, this article will attempt to shed some light on the topic.

The Company Behind the Game

It all starts with the developer responsible for creating the game, FromSoftware. FromSoftware is the studio behind the successful Dark Souls, as well as its sequels and spin-offs. While they are based in Japan, they created a European branch with their acquisition of SoftBank, which gives them further reach into the world of Lord of the Rings.

Gameplay and Story

Elden Ring is set in a unique fantasy world filled with secrets, secrets that can only be unlocked by certain circles of people. Players will be tasked with exploring the world, gathering allies and uncovering the secrets. This way of storytelling, along with the action role-play elements of the game, point towards a potential Lord of the Rings setting.

Other Similarities

Apart from the general storyline and gameplay, there are a few other factors that add to the Lord of the Rings rumors. It was reported by Bandai Namco that Elden Ring is an open-world game and it will feature “deeper and more complex RPG elements”. This sound an awful lot like J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved Middle-earth.

In addition, there have been a few tweets from well-known members of the gaming community that seem to point towards a Lord of the Rings theme. For example, Famitsu contributor Zenji Nishikawa tweeted that he was “overwhelmed” after watching the game’s trailer, which sparked further speculation that the game is based on Lord of the Rings.


At this point, we can only speculate whether or not Elden Ring is based on Lord of the Rings. Until an official announcement is made, we won’t know for sure. No matter the outcome, Elden Ring is sure to be an amazing game with an exciting story and engaging RPG elements regardless of its connection to the Lord of the Rings franchise.



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