is elden ring the hardest souls game

is elden ring the hardest souls game

Is Elden Ring the Hardest Souls Game?

Elden Ring is the upcoming video game by renowned developer FromSoftware, who are best know for the popular Souls series. Already fans are wondering whether this title will be the most difficult game in the Souls franchise so far. Let’s explore the evidence.

Comparison to Past Titles

When comparing Elden Ring to past Souls titles, there are a few points worth noting:

  • Enemies: Based on gameplay trailers, the enemies in Elden Ring will be larger, more difficult and diverse than in the previous games.
  • Weapons: The weapons in the Souls series have become increasingly intricate and difficult to use, and this is expected to carry through to Elden Ring.
  • Combat: Boss fights based on the trailers look increasingly epic, making the combat more daunting and intense.

Difficulty Settings

As with many souls-like games, Elden Ring will likely have multiple difficulty settings, allowing players to adjust the challenge according to their skill. This means that even if the game proves to be very challenging, it won’t be unbeatable.


Though we won’t know how difficult Elden Ring turns out to be until it’s actually released, based on the evidence so far it seems certain that this will be a tough challenge. Those looking for an intense challenge are likely to find what they’re looking for in Elden Ring.



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