is evertale a horror game

Is Evertale a Horror Game?

Evertale is a mobile RPG that is currently very popular. Players often ask whether it is a horror game or not. Let’s take a look at some of the elements of the game and decide whether it can be classified as a horror game.


Evertale follows the story of a group of heroes who set off on an adventure to save their world from an apocalyptic force. The game has a dark and foreboding atmosphere, with dangerous monsters and an enemy that is hunting the heroes down. Though the game contains elements of horror, it is not particularly frightening or disturbing.


Evertale combines a classic turn-based RPG system with some elements of adventure games. Players explore dungeons and fight monsters using their team of heroes. The battles are fairly straightforward and there is no real horror or tension to them.


Though Evertale contains some elements of horror, overall the game does not contain any truly frightening or disturbing elements. It is a classic RPG with a dark atmosphere, and can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages without fear of being scared. So, is Evertale a horror game? Ultimately, no, it is not.



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