is fix it felix jr a real game

is fix it felix jr a real game

Is Fix It Felix Jr A Real Game?

Most people are probably familiar with the beloved Disney classic Wreck-It Ralph, a film that tells the story of a video game character on an adventure through the world of gaming. One game that appeared in the movie is “Fix-It Felix Jr” – the question is, is it a real game?

The Origins of Fix-It Felix Jr.

Fix-It Felix Jr. was initially created for Wreck-It Ralph, by Disney Interactive Studios. The game is based off an old classic from the 1980s, titled “Fix-It”. It was a simple 8-bit game where players need to climb up and down ladders, avoiding obstacles and enemies, while repairing homes.

Gamification at the Disneyland Park

In 2013, the California Disneyland Resort introduced a “Gamification” of Fix-It Felix Jr. at their theme park. Here, guests at the resort could take part in a “Rehab-A-Rama” event and play a large scale version of the game. The purpose of the game was collecting components to fix-up 8-bit homes from the game, and guests would mobilize around the park, interacting with each other to complete their mission.

Has Any Home Console Ever Released It?

Unfortunately, no – the game has not been released outside of its appearances in Disney’s themed attractions and the original film itself. Fans were disappointed, as they had high hopes of possibly being able to relive the beloved classic out at home on their console.

Fix-It Felix Jr. is Still Alive

Even though it hasn’t been released on any home consoles yet, there are still ways to play the game! There are online emulators you can find online, as well as open source emulations of the game.


In conclusion: Even though Fix-It Felix Jr. has never been released for home consoles, it is still alive and kickin’ – and you can play it if you know where to look!



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