is guy’s grocery games a real grocery store

is guy’s grocery games a real grocery store

Is Guy’s Grocery Games a Real Grocery Store?

Guy’s Grocery Games is a popular cooking game show on the Food Network that has been running for more than 10 years. You might be wondering: is Guy’s Grocery Games a real grocery store? The answer is no.

What Is Guy’s Grocery Games?

Guy’s Grocery Games is a game show that features four chefs competing in a series of grocery store-based cooking challenges. The show is hosted by celebrity chef Guy Fieri, who also acts as a judge for the various cooking challenges. The aim of the game is for the chefs to complete their grocery store-based cooking challenges within a set amount of time, while using the ingredients they are given in the store.

Is It a Real Grocery Store?

While Guy’s Grocery Games looks like a real grocery store, it is actually a specially designed set with props, stands and a simulated supermarket aisle. In reality, the grocery items featured on the show are not real and are created by a team of prop makers.

Are the Challenges True to Life?

The grocery store-based cooking challenges featured on Guy’s Grocery Games are based on common scenarios that shoppers might find themselves in. However, the amount of time the chefs are given to complete their challenge and the available grocery list often make the tasks more difficult than they would be in a real grocery store.

Can You Play?

If you are a chef or food enthusiast and would like to take on the challenges on Guy’s Grocery Games, there is a chance for you to do so. The show offers auditions throughout the year and you can apply to be a contestant. However, the competition to get on the show is fierce and many chefs who audition are not selected every season.


Guy’s Grocery Games isn’t a real grocery store, but it is still a great way to watch skilled chefs compete at grocery store cooking challenges. Although the challenges may be more difficult than what you would find in a typical grocery store, the show offers a fun and exciting way for viewers to get a glimpse into what life could be like for a chef in a grocery store.



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