is guy’s grocery games a real grocery store

is guy’s grocery games a real grocery store

Guy’s Grocery Games: TV Show or Reality?

Guy’s Grocery Games (GGG) is a popular TV program that is broadcast on Food Network. Hosted by Guy Fieri, it features aspiring chefs competing for prize money by completing various shopping and cooking challenges at a grocery store. But is this grocery store a real establishment?

What Is Guy’s Grocery Games?

Guy’s Grocery Games began in 2013 and quickly gained a loyal following for its unique format and Fieri’s witty and entertaining commentary. In each episode, four professional chefs compete in three rounds of cooking challenges. During the first round, they are given just 10 minutes to gather three ingredients from a grocery list, while in the second round they must create a meal based on a surprise ingredient. The final round is a timed shopping challenge.

Does the Grocery Store Exist in Real Life?

The answer is yes. The grocery store featured in the show is called Flavortown Market and is located in Santa Rosa, California. It was specially constructed for the show, but it is a real working store. Surprisingly, it contains more than 30,000 items, including real brands and products. And for those fans who wish to see it in person, the store can in fact be visited during certain hours of the day.

What Else Do We Know?

The store itself is actually part of a larger complex called “Flavortown Studios”, which was designed to be a sort of boot camp for chefs experimenting with new recipes and techniques. This is where the chefs practice for their GGG competitions and where Fieri’s judging office is located.


So, to answer the original question, Guy’s Grocery Games does feature a real grocery store. It’s a unique way for viewers to get a glimpse of an authentic market and watch top-class chefs battle it out in the cooking arena. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be visiting Flavortown Market yourself!

Quick facts about Guy’s Grocery Games:

  • It was first aired in 2013
  • Features four professional chefs competing in three rounds of cooking challenges.
  • Real working store with 30,000 items, including real brands and products.
  • Located in Santa Rosa, California as part of ‘Flavortown Studios’ complex.



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