is last of us a zombie game

is last of us a zombie game

Is Last of Us a Zombie Game?

The zombie genre has dominated gaming for much of the 21st century and is gaining even more traction in 2020. Many gamers may be wondering if the popular Playstation franchise, Last of Us, fits in. The answer isn’t an easy yes or no, but the game certainly draws quite a bit from zombie stories.

What is the Last of Us?

The Last of Us is an apocalyptic-themed third-person shooter game, released first in 2013. It is set 20 years after a deadly plague called the Cordyceps virus has decimated humanity; the story follows a man who must take an orphaned 14-year-old girl, named Ellie, across a post-apocalyptic United States.

Does it Include Zombies?

The virus caused those who were infected to become zombie-like, flesh-eating figures called the Infected. While the Infected are more animalistic and less intelligent than most traditional zombies, their behavior and infection mechanics are similar. Therefore, it could be argued that the game does include zombies, albeit in a different form.

Do the Infected Play a Major Role?

The Infected do not play as major a role in the story as other zombie games; they largely remain in the background as a danger to the characters. They are used more as a backdrop to the main themes of the game – survival and morality – rather than as a driving force.

What Other Zombie Traits Does the Game Have?

Despite the Infected not taking center stage, the game still present many typical zombie elements. For example:

  • Infected Humans: There are still humans, who are not as advanced as the Infected, who are also driven by their disease to do horrible, instinctive things.
  • Desperate Survivors: The humans in the game are desperate to survive and often do whatever it takes to do so.
  • Resource Scarcity: With the world overrun by zombies, resources are scarce and character will find themselves often scavenging for food and supplies.
  • Social Decay: Communities have broken down and society has fragmented, leaving survivors to fend for themselves.


In conclusion, Last of Us certainly draws from zombie stories, with Infected enemies and desperate humans. However, the Infected are used more as a backdrop and the game itself focuses more on the themes of survival and morality. Therefore, whether you consider Last of Us a true zombie game is up to you.



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