is life a game

is life a game

Is Life a Game?

The idea that life is a game has been around for centuries, with proponents citing a variety of arguments to support the concept. For some, the idea of life as a game is simply a metaphor that captures our human need for structure and order. For others, life is a game in the literal sense, with certain rules and objectives that everyone must adhere to.

Arguments in Support of Life as a Game

  1. Life is like a board game: Many proponents of life as a game liken it to a board game, where we often make decisions and take risks in pursuit of some end goal. This analogy emphasises the idea that our lives have structure, with certain rules and boundaries that must be followed.
  2. Life is like a role-playing game: For those who take a more metaphorical approach to life, life can be likened to a role-playing game where we take on differing roles and roles at different points in our lives and must navigate a range of challenges and obstacles on the way to our ultimate objective.
  3. Life teaches lessons: Life as a game also emphasises the importance of learning, with failures teaching us lessons that can help us make better decisions in the future. This perspective highlights the value of challenging experiences and prevents people from simply giving up when they hit obstacles.

Arguments Against Life as a Game

  1. Life is not predetermined: Some people argue that life is not predetermined and thus cannot be compared to a game. Instead, they believe life is based on chance, with many potential outcomes and paths that can be taken.
  2. Life is not a game: Some also contend that life is not a game, and that suggesting it is demeans the importance of our experiences and reduces them to a mere plaything.
  3. Life is too unpredictable: Others point out that life is too unpredictable to be compared to a game, where there are clear objectives and rules that can be followed.


At the end of the day, whether or not life is a game is a matter of personal opinion. For some, the idea can be a useful source of inspiration and motivation, while for others it detracts from the importance of our experiences and reduces them to a mere game.



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