is markiplier gamer of the year

is markiplier gamer of the year

Is Markiplier Gamer of the Year?

Markiplier, full name Mark Edward Fischbach, is one of the most recognized and celebrated video game players and content creators in the world. His entertaining and entertaining videos, with millions of views, have made him one of the most influential gamers on YouTube.

Markiplier has been a great ambassador for the gaming industry, producing content that reaches a massive fan base. He is widely acclaimed as one of the best gaming broadcasters with an immense passion for the medium of gaming.

But is he really the Gamer of the Year? Let’s find out.

Reasons Why Markiplier Could be Gamer of the Year

  • Versatility: Markiplier is a master at playing and streaming games of all genres, from horror to RPG and platformer to fighting games. His versatility has made him an engaging and entertaining streamer, and he’s quickly become an icon in the gaming world.
  • Commitment: Markiplier is committed to providing his fans with high quality gaming videos and streams, ensuring that his content is as entertaining and informative as possible.
  • Collaborations: Markiplier is well-known for collaborating with other popular gaming personalities, such as Jacksepticeye and PewDiePie, and his collaborations have become some of the most popular videos on YouTube.
  • Innovation: Markiplier has been a pioneer in streaming, introducing innovative approaches to gameplay and using creative techniques to engage with viewers. Additionally, he’s been an advocate for gaming charities, such as Direct Relief, helping to raise funds and awareness.


Markiplier certainly has the credentials to be crowned Gamer of the Year. His commitment to entertaining his fans, his versatility, his collaborations and his innovation have all played a huge role in his meteoric rise. It’s clear that he is living up to the hype and is deserving of the title.



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