is mississippi state in a bowl game this year

is mississippi state in a bowl game this year

Does Mississippi State have a Bowl Game this Year?

It has been a curious question all season: Will Mississippi State be making a bowl appearance this year?

Mississippi State’s Season So Far

Mississippi State had a rocky start to the college football season, but it appeared to turn a corner in mid-season, climbing to an impressive 4-3 record. Their most impressive performances came in a win over then-No. 6LSU, and an overtime victory over Arkansas.

The Possibility of a Bowl Game for Mississippi State

The question of whether or not Mississippi State can make a bowl game is still up in the air. Currently, the Bulldogs have a 5-4 record with three games left to play. It’s possible that the Bulldogs could finish with an 8-4 record, which would make them eligible for a bowl game.

The Odds are Against Mississippi State

Unfortunately, the odds are currently stacked against Mississippi State. The Bulldogs still have to play Alabama, a perennial powerhouse, as well as two other teams with a combined record of 11-6. It’s unlikely that the Bulldogs will come through this slate unscathed, making a bowl appearance unlikely.

The Future of Mississippi State Football

While it’s unlikely that the Bulldogs will make a bowl game this season, there is still hope for the future of Mississippi State football. The team has some talented young players who have had a successful season so far, and it’s likely that they will continue to improve in coming years.


At the end of the day, it’s unlikely that Mississippi state will make a bowl game this season. However, with some hard work and dedication from the coaching staff and players, it is still possible that the Bulldogs can turn their fortunes around in the next few years and make a bowl game in the future.



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