is saints row on game pass

is saints row on game pass

Is Saints Row On Game Pass?

Saints Row is one of the most beloved open world action-adventure game series and it is no surprise that many people would love to try it out on Game Pass. But the big question is, is Saints Row on Game Pass?

The answer is yes and no. Unfortunately, only the third installment in the series is currently available on Game Pass. While all the other games in the series, including Saints Row 4 and Gat Out of Hell, are not currently available to play on the platform.

Reasons Why Saints Row Is Not on Game Pass

There could be a few explanations why this is the case.

  • Publishers Not Authorizing Release – Saints Row was officially released on multiple platforms, and the publishers of these versions may not have authorized the game to be released on Game Pass.
  • Platform Availability – Saints Row was originally released on platforms such as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 but only the Xbox One version is available on Game Pass.
  • Age of Games – Saints Row was first released in 2006 and the other games in the series are not exactly “new” titles.


While Saints Row 3 is currently available on Game Pass, it is unlikely that the other games in the series will be added anytime soon. The main reason why this is the case is probably due to the age of the games, with publishers not authorizing the release or the games being too old for the current platforms.



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