is subnautica a horror game

is subnautica a horror game

Is Subnautica a Horror Game?

Those who are familiar with the underwater, open-world survival game Subnautica, know that, despite its rather scary premise, it is not a horror game. However, there are certainly some elements of horror present that cannot be ignored.

Ambiance and Atmosphere

The atmosphere and ambiance of Subnautica almost screams “horror game”. The sunless depths are always subtly foreboding, and the soundtrack heightens the unease, with soft horror-genre inspired music playing in the background. These elements, combined with the fact that the main character is alone and lost in an alien sea, give the game a horror movie-like atmosphere.

Oversized Creatures and Monsters

The eeriness of Subnautica comes mostly from its oversized creatures, monsters, and other underwater life. Many of these creatures, especially the deep sea aliens, give off a very creepy and unnerving vibe, which can feel like a horror game experience.

Scary Moments

Though the game doesn’t have frequent jump-scares, there are still some moments within the game that can be scary. For example, the ghostly sound of a Reaper Leviathan passing by can make your blood run cold. Additionally, many of Subnautica’s creatures act as pure predators, creating a tense atmosphere when one is encountered.

Overall, Subnautica is not a horror game, though it does incorporate some horror elements. Its creepy atmosphere and the odd creature designs are enough to make anyone playing it feel a bit uneasy.



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