is the inheritance games a movie

is the inheritance games a movie

Is “The Inheritance Games” a Movie?

“The Inheritance Games” is a 2020 young-adult, suspense novel written by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. It follows Avery, a sixteen year-old who, after the sudden and unexpected death of her benefactor, discovers that he has left her an inheritance she never expected.

Since the book’s release, many people have been asking if there is a movie version of the book. Unfortunately, at the moment there appear to be no plans for a film adaptation.

Reasons Why a Movie May Not Happen

Despite the novel’s huge success, there are several potential factors which could lead to a decision not to make a movie. These include:

  • Not Enough Content – As a young adult novel, it may be deemed insufficiently long for a full-length movie, at least for a film adaptation that does justice to the book’s multi-layered plot and characters.
  • No Pre-Existing Fan Base – Although the novel has attracted huge numbers of fans, it is still a relatively new book and a movie would miss out on some of the benefits which come with adapting an established and beloved series.

Possibilities For The Film

Despite the difficulties in the way of the novel being adapted for the screen, there is still hope for fans who want to see “The Inheritance Games” come to life. These potential pathways include:

  • A TV Series – The novel’s length means it could be more easily adapted as a TV series, such as an Amazon Prime show.
  • A Short Film – It could be condensed into a short movie, either by adapting only the story’s main narrative points or by focusing on only certain scenes. This could be an interesting and creative way to bring the book to life, but it may not satisfy those fans who want a full and faithful adaptation.

At the moment, the outlook for a movie version of “The Inheritance Games” seems bleak. However, with the increasing popularity of the book, we can hope for a change in the near future.


For now, the jury is out on whether “The Inheritance Games” will be turned into a movie. With the novel having recently attracted many fans, it is still possible that a film adaptation could happen.



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