is there magic in game of thrones

is there magic in game of thrones

Is there Magic in Game of Thrones?

For a show packed full of special effects, sorcery and monsters, it’s easy to see why many viewers would consider Game of Thrones to be a magical show. While some might debate whether or not the show is actually magical, there is no doubt that something special features throughout the series.

The White Walkers

The mysterious White Walkers are perhaps the most magical aspect of Game of Thrones. These ancient beings with power over ice and death have been around since the dawn of time and have been viewed in a number of ways throughout the series, from scary monsters to misunderstood victims. It’s clear that they have some kind of magical powers and they have been shown to have a mysterious connection to the living world.

The Red Priests

The Red Faith is a powerful magical force in the world of Westeros, and its main practitioners are the Red Priests. These powerful figures have various mystical abilities, such as resurrecting the dead, performing bloodmagic and calling on the powers of the Gods. They are also known for their fiery rhetoric and are often seen as the eyes and ears of the Lord of Light.

Dragon Magic

Dragon magic is also a major part of Game of Thrones, as the Targaryen family are known for their use of fire and bloodmagic. This unique and powerful form of magic is often used to protect and strengthen the Targaryen family and has been shown to be able to bring people back from the dead.


Though it can be argued that there is no such thing as ‘magic’ in Game of Thrones, there is undoubtedly something special and mystical present in the series. From the White Walkers to the Red Priests and the Dragon Magic of the Targaryen’s, it’s easy to see why many viewers consider the show to be full of magical wonders.



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