is wreck it ralph a real game

is wreck it ralph a real game

Is Wreck It Ralph a Real Game?

The classic Disney movie Wreck It Ralph has been a fan favorite since its release back in 2012. Fans of the movie have often wondered: Is Wreck It Ralph based on a real game?

The answer is yes! Though its release was before the movie, the game that Wreck It Ralph is based on is called Fix-It Felix Jr. It is an arcade game similar to Rampage, also released in the 1980s.

In Fix-It Felix Jr., the player takes on the role of a character called Felix, who fixer windows that have been broken by a giant monster. The game was released along with Donkey Kong 3 in 1984 and originally featured an 8-bit art style.


The game is simple yet entertaining. Felix runs around the building repair windows while avoiding the giant monster that is destroying the building. Players can move left and right, and press the “A” button to repair a window. Each acceptable window repair is rewarded with points.

Players also need to collect tools and powerups along the way. These powerups give Felix extra abilities like being able to move faster and throwing items at the monster. The monster can also be destroyed in some levels by jumping on its head.

Game over can be reached when Felix is hit by the monster, but the game will continue if there are still windows to repair. When all the windows are fixed, Felix’s job is done, and the player wins the game.

The Popularity of Wreck It Ralph

The popular Disney movie Wreck It Ralph has helped bring the original game back into the spotlight. The movie features several popular game characters, including Fix-It Felix Jr. as one of the main characters.

The movie has been extremely popular since its release and has led to a resurgence in popularity of Fix-It Felix Jr. The game can now be played on several different platforms, including the iOS App Store, Google Play, and Xbox Live Arcade.


So, is Wreck It Ralph based on a real game? Yes! Wreck It Ralph is based off the classic 80s arcade game Fix-It Felix Jr.. The popular Disney movie has helped bring the game back into the spotlight and it can now be played on several different platforms.



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