may cause side effects game

may cause side effects game

What is “May Cause Side Effects” Game?

“May Cause Side Effects” is a mobile game developed by Good Catch Games. It is a tactical puzzle game in which players must navigate obstacles and hazards to save the lost mind of a patient. Players are given clues that help them deduce ways to save the patient, such as avoiding dangers and avoiding traps.

Features of the Game:

  • Tactical Challenges: Players must use their wits to navigate a variety of strategic obstacles in the game and solve puzzles.
  • Unique Art Style: The game features a unique hand-painted art style and creative user interface.
  • Story Mode: Players can complete story-driven levels to progress the game.
  • Online Co-Op Mode: Players can play together online to help the patient and complete levels.

Possible Side Effects of the Game:

Playing the game may result in increased problem-solving skills due to the strategies used to eliminate or bypass obstacles. The game’s unique art style also may result in improved visual perception. Additionally, playing with others cooperatively may lead to greater social interaction.


Overall, “May Cause Side Effects” is a challenging and visually appealing game designed to improve problem-solving skills and visual perception. Additionally, it provides the opportunity for cooperative gameplay, which may lead to greater social interaction.



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