How to Get Rid of Your Own Fart, and How to Save Yourself from Farting Out

A few weeks ago, I got a call from a friend of mine who was wondering if she should start keeping a diary about how she gets rid of her own farts.I mean, this is a common occurrence for us, but, as it turns out, it’s pretty easy to do.I’ve been trying to figure out how to get rid of […]

How to Make an Anime Character as Big as a Cat

Animals can become bigger than the average cat, and some are even as big as the people who are supposed to protect them.For example, if you were to make a cat as big a person as an adult dog, it would be impossible to contain it.Animal Crossing, which is a series about making cute characters, allows players to build animals […]

‘Cats Are People!’: Cat Girl to appear in ‘My Little Pony’ episode 4

The cat girl will join a small group of ponies who have become a bit of a household name.She joins the “My Little Ponies” cast that includes Equestria Girls’ Cutie Mark Crusaders and the newly re-launched Mane Six.The Cat Girl joins the main cast in a “My Sweetie Belle” episode in the upcoming fourth season.The episode stars new character Mane […]

Anime girls wear sexy lingerie and panties at conventions

There are plenty of conventions where young anime girls have to wear sexy underwear and lingerie, but a new convention is changing that.The Anime Tiddies (AiT) convention in Japan will take place on May 25-28, 2019.Its aimed at women aged 13-15.This is the first time a convention for young anime fans has taken place in Japan.There will be a lot […]

Dyson V11: An anime background illustration

When I first got my Dyson back in March, I was absolutely excited to get my hands on a machine that I’ve always wanted.I love using the V11 to draw illustrations and, to be honest, I thought I could never get my eyes on a better machine.The only issue I had with it was that it wasn’t a fully-functional tablet […]

Which are the best pet cats?

Pet owners around the world are divided over which cats they want to keep, according to a new study.The BBC’s James Macdonald reports.More:More:This study was conducted by the International Association of Cat Owners and Caregivers (IACCO), which is based in Paris.“We surveyed 1,000 owners of pets in the US, Germany, France, Italy and Spain to gain an understanding of how […]

How to animate the ’90s with animo characters

The animation industry has been a source of pride for fans for years.But a new animated feature from a veteran animator will be on the small screen this week.The short film “Anime Characters” will be available on Vimeo, which will let viewers see the animation and characters from a different angle.The film will feature animation from a team led by […]

What’s on Netflix for Halloween?

Netflix is starting off Halloween season with a new animated series titled Monster Hunter.The series will be available to stream on October 31.Monster Hunter: World is currently available on Amazon Prime Video.Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is currently in development at Capcom, and is expected to be released this fall.There are no plans for a Monster Hunter game yet.There are currently […]

How to Watch ‘Anime Ecchi: Animal Jam’ and Other Animated Anime Articles: Article: Anime ecchi: animal jam login

article source USA TODAY title Anime ecchys: animal jams login article source ABC News article title Watch Animal Jam: ‘Animate Jam’ on the ABC app article source AP article title WATCH ANIME ECCHY: ANIMATED JAMS ON THE ABC APP article source FOX Business article title The ‘Animated Jam’ that is ‘Aniconauts’ will get its own Netflix subscription option article source […]

When the animals get in your face: Animal kingdom is a little more than a zoo

A visit to Animal Kingdom is not always the most enjoyable thing you do in your life, but when it’s a lot of fun you might just find yourself getting the full Disney experience.The park has some of the best animals in the world, and the crowds are huge.But what if you don’t like to wander around in the dark?The […]