Why is an animated GIF so creepy?

Animal cell,animator gif,animating gif,gif animated source Business Insider title You can’t tell the difference between a GIF and an actual image article Animal cells,animation gif,Animator gif source Business Insider title How to animate GIFs for a Halloween party article Animating GIFs is one of the simplest ways to create a fun Halloween party, but some people still aren’t convinced that […]

Nihon Television Anime: Akari and Akari – A Kiss Anime

Nihons TV anime adaptation of Akari ‘s Kiss anime, which was previously published in Weekly Shonen Jump, is slated for an April 26 premiere in Japan.The cast for the series includes:Asuka Mitsuoka ( Akagi Tsubasa , Hoshi no Yona ) as Akari, Mitsuya Yoshimori ( Shigeki no Kyojin , Memento Mori , Himekishi Shō ) as Ayumi, Yuka Kondo ( […]

‘Cats Are People!’: Cat Girl to appear in ‘My Little Pony’ episode 4

The cat girl will join a small group of ponies who have become a bit of a household name.She joins the “My Little Ponies” cast that includes Equestria Girls’ Cutie Mark Crusaders and the newly re-launched Mane Six.The Cat Girl joins the main cast in a “My Sweetie Belle” episode in the upcoming fourth season.The episode stars new character Mane […]