How does the Wolverine’s new pet lion change the way you view animals?

The Wolverines’ new pet, the black and white cheetah, has become a hit in China with Chinese netizens praising the animal for its gentle nature.The cheetahs’ popularity has seen it listed among the world’s 10 most popular pets on the online marketplace Weibo.The animal, which was unveiled in February, has been adopted by the Womens’ Association of China, a charity […]

‘Anime: My Friend’ is about to get a big screen release

A new anime film has been announced for Disney XD in Canada and it’s not for a new film series.The film, called Anime: Girl from Earth, will be an anime series set in the world of “anime” and “animes” and follows the life of a young girl from Earth.It will be released by Disney XD on the channel’s own platform, […]

How to find a new anime character database

The Animal Kingdom is the largest theme park in the world and with more than 60,000 animals in its parks, the park is one of the biggest entertainment destinations in the United States.However, one of its most popular attractions is the Animal Kingdom Restaurant, which offers diners the opportunity to meet and socialise with some of the animals in the […]

When the animals get in your face: Animal kingdom is a little more than a zoo

A visit to Animal Kingdom is not always the most enjoyable thing you do in your life, but when it’s a lot of fun you might just find yourself getting the full Disney experience.The park has some of the best animals in the world, and the crowds are huge.But what if you don’t like to wander around in the dark?The […]