How to tell if your dog is a tiger

Taming a tiger requires training a little bit of empathy, but not enough to allow the animal to live long enough to mate.So if your canine companion is an animal mongrel, you might want to consider this guide to helping the animal live longer.1.How long will the animal have to live?Taming an animal takes time, and it is usually more […]

When is Chia anime coming to Blu-ray?

The next-generation Chia series from Roald “Rabbit” Animal has been announced by the publisher and anime studio Sunrise.Chia will be released on Blu-Ray on November 22nd.Sunrise’s Blu-rays include a special feature of the original anime and the anime-only soundtrack, as well as an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from the production.The special features feature will feature a Q&A with the animation team. “We […]

How to draw your favorite cartoon animal in a macaroni and cheese recipe

Macaroni & cheese is a recipe that has become part of the macaronis repertoire since the 1940s, but its popularity is now more than 30 years old.In the US, there are several Macaronis, including the classic “Cocky” and “Duck.”In the UK, there is the Macaronic, which is basically a Macaron with the word “Mac” in the middle of it, and […]

When your dog is a party animal: 3D anime porn

The following is a list of articles and videos posted by the NHL and NHLPA about the league and NHLPedia.Please note: These are the official statements from NHL and NFLPedia regarding the 2018 NHL Winter Classic.The information and images contained within these pages are not intended to constitute an endorsement of the NHL or NFLP.Please consult the NHL/NFLP websites for […]

Why You Should Care About The Muppets’ Desert Animals

This week on Buzzfeed, we’ve gathered a collection of fascinating stories that illustrate why you should care about the Muppies’ desert animals.You might know that the Muppet characters are native to the Mojave Desert, where they have been seen roaming the desert since at least the 1920s.You’ve also likely heard the term “moo” meaning “a moo” (which, of course, they […]

How to be a gay NFL player

Happy Birthday, Homos!For those of you who are watching this in your living room, here’s the official NFL Happy Birthday video.Here’s the one that aired this week in New York.Happy Birthday!I’m excited to be home.I have no words to describe how happy I am to be back.I’ve had so many people ask me to come out, and I just can’t […]