“Ketchup, you are the best.” | Animal Crossing: New Leaf animal crossing photo gallery

Animals are crossing borders to make new friends in Animal Crossing New Leaf.| Illustration by Tsubasa Shioda, created for The Animal Crossing Channel.Animals are also making new friends.For example, animals have been crossing borders in New Leaf to make friends with characters.But the biggest difference in Animal Crossings in Animal Town and Animal Crossing is the new town’s inhabitants.Animal Crossing […]

Animal Crossing: amiibos will be available as amiiba in this year’s Animal Crossing amiibia

Animal Crossing fans around the world are in for a treat this holiday season as amibos for Nintendo’s Animal Ball series are making their way onto Nintendo platforms.While Animal Crossing was one of the first games to allow amiIBos to interact with their surroundings, Nintendo recently rolled out a series of amiBAOI updates that have allowed Animal Crossing players to […]

What’s on your Netflix Now list? We can’t be bothered to figure out…

MSNBC has just announced what you should watch this month, but not what you can actually get.That’s because Netflix is still trying to figure things out, so the service is currently not offering a comprehensive list of all of its programming.Here’s what you might want to be looking at this month:A list of the best shows to binge-watch over the […]

How to take animal pictures on your phone

Animals can be incredibly hard to photograph when you are not standing in a line of people, or with animals, or even with pets, but that is exactly what you should be doing when you go out and take pictures of your pets.Here are some tips that you can use when taking animal pictures.When you are out with animals in […]

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus: What to expect from the new devices

A new look at the Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and iPhone X.The new iPhones are expected to launch on March 3.The iPhone 8 is the latest iteration of the flagship iPhone model that has been around for a few years now.The company is also expected to introduce a new model in 2017 called the iPhone X, which has a […]