‘Citizen of the World’: Animal Planet airs in HD, online as ‘Animal Planet World’ premieres in Japan

The live-action Animal Planet Channel is set to air in HD and online as a special celebration of “Citizen, World.”Citizen premiered in 2016 and is the first Animal Planet series to air online, allowing fans to view it at any time of day, anytime.The channel also will stream the first episode in 1080p, but not in a traditional, 3D format.The […]

How to make a cute anime video without making it gross: “Cute animal, animal planet, animation”

By using cute animals, animals and animals-related concepts to tell stories and entertain, some of today’s most popular anime have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.But what if you could do the same thing with cute animals and animated images?That’s what we did with this post on how to make cute animated videos using Mink animal.(You can read the full story […]

Which are the best pet cats?

Pet owners around the world are divided over which cats they want to keep, according to a new study.The BBC’s James Macdonald reports.More:More:This study was conducted by the International Association of Cat Owners and Caregivers (IACCO), which is based in Paris.“We surveyed 1,000 owners of pets in the US, Germany, France, Italy and Spain to gain an understanding of how […]