How to draw anime characters with a beautiful art style

A few years ago, the Japanese anime community was awash with female anime protagonists.A number of anime artists made their mark in the genre, and they became iconic, with an art style and voice that was reminiscent of classic anime.However, as of today, this style is still rare in the mainstream, and it can be hard to find an artist […]

When Anime Skateboards Were Real

An animatronic cartoon animal skateboard is seen at the Animal Expo in Shanghai, China, in this April 22, 2017 file photo.Hide Caption 9 of 23 Photos: An animator’s best of 2017: A lot more An animated horse and donkey dance at the 2018 South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas.Hide 10 of 23 Images: An animated donkey with a dog, […]

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus: What to expect from the new devices

A new look at the Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and iPhone X.The new iPhones are expected to launch on March 3.The iPhone 8 is the latest iteration of the flagship iPhone model that has been around for a few years now.The company is also expected to introduce a new model in 2017 called the iPhone X, which has a […]