When ‘auteur’ is ‘audie’ and ‘animal’ is a double-edged sword

by Amy AlcornThe latest issue of Japan’s leading monthly manga magazine, Kadokawa ‘s Weekly Shonen Sunday, has a story about two siblings who fall in love with each other and, in turn, have to decide how to live with their parents.The siblings are also trying to raise a family.The story, published by Kadokawas ‘ Weekly Shōnen Sunday, is called “A […]

Which movies are the most expensive to produce?

Posted October 20, 2018 07:23:33A new study released this week by the New York Times has revealed that the average cost of a production is nearly four times higher than previously thought.According to the study, the average production costs of an animated film, for example, are $1.9 million to make, or more than $2 million to produce an animated feature.That […]