I’ve lost the will to fight, says TV girl

It’s been almost two years since I started watching anime, but I still don’t feel ready to quit.The only reason I’m still in school is because my school is doing a good job of keeping my grades up.My grades are good, I feel good about myself, and I’m happy with where I am.I know I have a lot of work […]

How to watch anime on TV and in movies

There’s no shortage of anime shows to watch.From the popular anime series to more obscure series, the list of anime-related shows is long.However, when it comes to the movies, there are some really great ones to watch as well.We’ve rounded up some of the best anime movies you should watch in 2017, and even have some recommendations for the best […]

The cute anime and manga girl who’s making anime wallpaper for you

Today, we have the first ever look at a new look for an anime character from the series, Aya Uchiura.The girl from the second season of the anime, “Kami-sama” (or “K-chan”) made her debut as a member of the second team of the Togetsugu High School “Katsu” in season 2.The anime shows that she has the ability to fly and […]