Animal Crossing amiibos in development, Nintendo says

Axios / Animal Crossing is currently in development for Wii U and 3DS, Nintendo said on Monday.The amiiba series of games, which will be released in 2018, is set in Animal Crossing, where players will be able to create, customize and buy an animal from the Animal Crossing franchise.The series will be a collaboration between Nintendo, Hasbro and Koei Tecmo.Nintendo […]

Why anime memes are so great for memes

There’s a lot of fun stuff to be made using anime memes.This article shows you the most amazing examples.It’s all about the anime memes, in case you need another reason to love them.1.The anime meme that started it all, The “Crazy Japanese Man” memeIt started when Japanese-American comedian and actor Chris Rock made a meme that called him “The Crazy […]

The Worst Anime Memes I’ve Seen

You know the ones.They’re all so stupid, and you know what’s even worse?They’re so fucking stupid, in fact, that it’s a lot of fun to watch.In the first episode of the new season of anime hetai comedy anime anime Ai no Kajitsu (Ai no Kajiit: A Japanese Anime to End All Japanese Anime), a series of episodes, a character’s nickname […]