Anime Nose for iPhone and iPad

Apple is finally getting around to bringing its popular anime nose app to iPhone and iOS.The app, which has been downloaded more than 7 million times, is coming to Android this year.The news comes a day after Google announced it would be removing ads from the Android version of its anime app.The Anime Nose app is currently available for free […]

How to identify a ‘pigtail’ nose

It’s a simple procedure: Take a sample of your nose and use a cotton swab to scrape the tissue with your finger.Then you can use a mask to remove the mucus and give your nose a clean, shiny appearance.If you have a “pigtails” nose, you’re one of about 15 million people in the U.S. that has a different type of […]

Why I don’t watch anime anymore

It’s easy to get caught up in the nostalgia of anime.The characters and worlds are just so rich and full of flavor, you want to go back to the old days, and you think of them with all your heart and mind.But it’s also possible to forget what it’s like to be in a world where you’re in the same […]