Top 20 anime posters in 2018

The BBC Sport Top 20 list is a compilation of the best anime posters from around the world.This year, we’ve rounded up some of the most exciting and unexpected entries from the year, including:

4K Porn Stars Are Gaining Access to More Movies and More Movies Now, It’s Not Just Anime

4K porn stars have more access to new releases now that the industry is on a steady uptick in the U.S. The rise in porn is also due to the proliferation of streaming sites, like Pornhub, where people can upload and watch videos.4K videos are being uploaded at a rate of about 1,500 per minute, which makes it one of […]

Why are the anime posters so sad?

A few of the posters for the anime adaptation of Ajin – The Demon Blade- are being very sad these days.They are all characters from the first season.Some are happy, some are sad.They even all have the same name.One of them even has a sad look on her face.Some of them are sad because they’re so happy, and some are […]