How to be a superhero in 10 years

How do you make your character as compelling as the Avengers?By making your own superhero suit.That’s the premise behind an online project that promises to make the next-generation of superheroes from Hollywood look and feel like the original Super Heroes of the Marvel Comics.The project, called Avengers: Disney Animal Kingdom, is in its second year and aims to help filmmakers […]

‘The Lion King’ stars in 3D animated wallpaper

Posted October 05, 2018 07:18:00A new 3D image from the original film’s original animation, which was made from a scanned print, has been uploaded to the internet.The Lion-King-inspired wallpaper was made by the artist who made the original animated wallpaper, and the artwork has been shared with the internet via his Twitter account.The wallpaper has been posted by artist and […]

How to make an animated animal crossing with Isabelle

Animal Crossing amiibos can now be made by anyone with an animating device and a few lines of code.It has been over a year since Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: amiiba, and with the launch of Nintendo Switch, the Switch is also the ideal platform to bring the amiibi concept to life.The amiibe concept has been around since the Wii U, but […]