How did death note anime get its name?

Animism has long been a way to address the social and cultural problems of being a person in the modern world, but now, a new animation film is tackling the issue of “death note” anime and what it means to be a “human being” in an increasingly hostile world.The anime series “Death Note” will follow the story of a student […]

Why do we think anime is a dirty word?

Anime, the artform that has been around for decades and inspired artists and animators from a long time ago, is being used in a new way.While the term “animism” is a bit more nebulous, it is definitely a buzzword being used by some to describe a more contemporary approach to animating and art.It has been used to describe various artistic […]

How to make a cute anime video without making it gross: “Cute animal, animal planet, animation”

By using cute animals, animals and animals-related concepts to tell stories and entertain, some of today’s most popular anime have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.But what if you could do the same thing with cute animals and animated images?That’s what we did with this post on how to make cute animated videos using Mink animal.(You can read the full story […]