What would happen if we used robots to create animation?

Animator and futurist Alain Pang, who created the robot characters of Aelita and Farscape, is currently working on a new project called Animo.Pang says his animators are trying to create realistic, “realistic” images of the characters in a way that is not only “human” but also “computer-generated.”Pang wants to create a new kind of “creative animation” that can “enjoy a […]

Why do we think anime is a dirty word?

Anime, the artform that has been around for decades and inspired artists and animators from a long time ago, is being used in a new way.While the term “animism” is a bit more nebulous, it is definitely a buzzword being used by some to describe a more contemporary approach to animating and art.It has been used to describe various artistic […]

How to animate the ’90s with animo characters

The animation industry has been a source of pride for fans for years.But a new animated feature from a veteran animator will be on the small screen this week.The short film “Anime Characters” will be available on Vimeo, which will let viewers see the animation and characters from a different angle.The film will feature animation from a team led by […]