How to Make a Anime DVD Cover in 3D

A new anime DVD cover is finally here!The 3D anime DVD covers for various anime titles are now available for purchase.If you are looking for a new cover for an anime DVD, you may want to get this one as soon as possible, because you can get it on Blu-ray in September 2018.The first batch of 3D covers was released […]

Animal Crossing: amiibos will be available as amiiba in this year’s Animal Crossing amiibia

Animal Crossing fans around the world are in for a treat this holiday season as amibos for Nintendo’s Animal Ball series are making their way onto Nintendo platforms.While Animal Crossing was one of the first games to allow amiIBos to interact with their surroundings, Nintendo recently rolled out a series of amiBAOI updates that have allowed Animal Crossing players to […]

Nihon Television Anime: Akari and Akari – A Kiss Anime

Nihons TV anime adaptation of Akari ‘s Kiss anime, which was previously published in Weekly Shonen Jump, is slated for an April 26 premiere in Japan.The cast for the series includes:Asuka Mitsuoka ( Akagi Tsubasa , Hoshi no Yona ) as Akari, Mitsuya Yoshimori ( Shigeki no Kyojin , Memento Mori , Himekishi Shō ) as Ayumi, Yuka Kondo ( […]