How to Make a Anime DVD Cover in 3D

A new anime DVD cover is finally here!The 3D anime DVD covers for various anime titles are now available for purchase.If you are looking for a new cover for an anime DVD, you may want to get this one as soon as possible, because you can get it on Blu-ray in September 2018.The first batch of 3D covers was released […]

A sad anime girl is a ‘star in her own right’

It’s been a tough few years for Sad anime girl Sadako Oshima.A decade after becoming the first girl to win the coveted prize for best character in a series of anime, Oshima has now become an internet sensation.A few weeks ago, she was invited to participate in a live chat to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Anime Expo, a […]

Why You Should Care About The Muppets’ Desert Animals

This week on Buzzfeed, we’ve gathered a collection of fascinating stories that illustrate why you should care about the Muppies’ desert animals.You might know that the Muppet characters are native to the Mojave Desert, where they have been seen roaming the desert since at least the 1920s.You’ve also likely heard the term “moo” meaning “a moo” (which, of course, they […]