Julian animal crossing: ‘I think I might have had a seizure’

JULIAN ANNE CARTER’S SHOT IN THE FACE WITH AN ARROW IS THE EXACT THING THAT WILL BURN YOU UP AND CHECK YOUR HAND.It’s not just a silly little cartoon, it’s the moment when Julian, a cat with a mouth full of feathers, is caught in the middle of a crowd of people.He looks like a real human, his eyes are […]

The Worst Anime Memes I’ve Seen

You know the ones.They’re all so stupid, and you know what’s even worse?They’re so fucking stupid, in fact, that it’s a lot of fun to watch.In the first episode of the new season of anime hetai comedy anime anime Ai no Kajitsu (Ai no Kajiit: A Japanese Anime to End All Japanese Anime), a series of episodes, a character’s nickname […]