How to make a cute anime video without making it gross: “Cute animal, animal planet, animation”

By using cute animals, animals and animals-related concepts to tell stories and entertain, some of today’s most popular anime have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.But what if you could do the same thing with cute animals and animated images?That’s what we did with this post on how to make cute animated videos using Mink animal.(You can read the full story […]

When Disney is Disney, there’s a whole lot of fun in this mashup

It’s been five years since Disney bought Pixar and its animation studios, and with the deal closing this month, we’ve got a glimpse of what the future might look like for animation.While the two studios were never intended to be independent, the acquisition has made them part of Disney Animation Studios, which includes Pixar, Marvel Studios and other properties.And with […]

What you need to know about mink animals

This is a guest post by Jessica Tamblyn.Jessica Tampon is a journalist based in the UK who has covered anime, manga, and gaming for several years.Follow her on Twitter: @JessicaTampon