When Anime Skateboards Were Real

An animatronic cartoon animal skateboard is seen at the Animal Expo in Shanghai, China, in this April 22, 2017 file photo.Hide Caption 9 of 23 Photos: An animator’s best of 2017: A lot more An animated horse and donkey dance at the 2018 South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas.Hide 10 of 23 Images: An animated donkey with a dog, […]

Why do we think anime is a dirty word?

Anime, the artform that has been around for decades and inspired artists and animators from a long time ago, is being used in a new way.While the term “animism” is a bit more nebulous, it is definitely a buzzword being used by some to describe a more contemporary approach to animating and art.It has been used to describe various artistic […]

Naked Anime Girls: A Walk Through Anime’s Most Terrifying Species

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Nihon Television Anime: Akari and Akari – A Kiss Anime

Nihons TV anime adaptation of Akari ‘s Kiss anime, which was previously published in Weekly Shonen Jump, is slated for an April 26 premiere in Japan.The cast for the series includes:Asuka Mitsuoka ( Akagi Tsubasa , Hoshi no Yona ) as Akari, Mitsuya Yoshimori ( Shigeki no Kyojin , Memento Mori , Himekishi Shō ) as Ayumi, Yuka Kondo ( […]