Aeon of Strife: The Darkest Days of Animal Crossing (NSFW)

Animate animals in Animal Crossing are just as creepy as the original game, but they also bring some unique additions to the series.In this gallery of NSFW photos, we’ve pulled together images from the new Animal Crossing game that show off some of the most notable animal crosspains to come.These photos are all from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.You can view […]

Which Anime Picture is the Best?

On February 16, 2016, anime fans were introduced to a new character in the series Celeste, voiced by Yui Mizuno, as a new girl in the anime anime series Kanojo ga Shima ni.It is a new anime series about a girl named Celeste who has been living in a mysterious city called Kanojosou, which is said to be the birthplace […]

What you need to know about mink animals

This is a guest post by Jessica Tamblyn.Jessica Tampon is a journalist based in the UK who has covered anime, manga, and gaming for several years.Follow her on Twitter: @JessicaTampon

WATCH: Sexy Anime, Sex Stickers and More!

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