How to fix the world’s most annoying animal photo: Make a funny animal video

Animals are everywhere.And you don’t have to look very far for examples.Take a look at these hilarious animal photos, or the ones where a cute kitten is walking around in a cage, and you’ll see why.Animals can be cute, adorable, annoying, or just plain weird, but we all know that some of them are just annoying.So why not get some […]

What is 3D? – 4chan

4chan, the world’s most popular imageboard, is hosting a live discussion about 3D animals.The discussion will begin at 7pm ET (16:00 UTC) and will continue until the thread is closed.The topic of 3D animal features has long been debated among the community.Some argue that 3D graphics are a boon to the film industry and that they would make the film […]