How to fix the world’s most annoying animal photo: Make a funny animal video

Animals are everywhere.And you don’t have to look very far for examples.Take a look at these hilarious animal photos, or the ones where a cute kitten is walking around in a cage, and you’ll see why.Animals can be cute, adorable, annoying, or just plain weird, but we all know that some of them are just annoying.So why not get some […]

Why are we not watching anime cats?

A lot of people don’t understand why we are not watching cats in anime.Most of the anime that is being made these days has cats in it, and it is really great that we are able to watch anime with cats in them.In fact, it is one of the main reasons why people love anime so much.Cats are cute, and […]

How to name your anime twist

Some anime twists have become staples in anime fandom.While many of these are inspired by anime characters, some are also original creations and have become beloved.For instance, many fans are familiar with the name of the protagonist of the anime Zu Gundam: Zu Zu no Mōkoku.This anime twist has become one of the most popular anime twists ever.While some anime […]

Sad anime fan art, fan art inspired by anime and games, and a look at Japanese culture

Sad anime fans have turned their favorite shows and movies into a form of fan art.A Tumblr page for the fan art has been created by a group of anime fans who shared the images online, sharing their favorite works and some of the most unique and surprising fan art they’ve found.The Tumblr is titled Sad Anime Fan Art, which […]