what are game improvement irons

what are game improvement irons

What Are Game Improvement Irons?

Game improvement irons are designed to help golfers improve their game. They are designed to be more forgiving and to launch the golf ball higher, farther, and straighter than traditional irons. The thought behind game improvement irons is that if your game is improved, you will be able to post lower scores and enjoy the game of golf more.

Features of Game Improvement Irons

  • Large sweet spot: Game improvement irons have a large sweet spot that allows golfers to still make a good shot even if they make contact off center.
  • Larger heads: The heads of game improvement irons are larger than traditional irons. This increases the MOI (Moment of Inertia) of the irons and makes them more forgiving.
  • Offset hosel: An offset hosel helps promote a draw. This is beneficial for golfers who tend to slice the ball.
  • Wide sole: Most game improvement irons have a wide sole. This helps them to stay low to the ground and makes it easier to launch the ball.

Who Should Play Game Improvement Irons?

Game improvement irons are designed for golfers of all levels. Higher handicap and beginner golfers may benefit the most from this type of iron because of the forgiveness and added technology. However, even more experienced and lower handicap golfers may benefit from the technology and improved performance of game improvement irons.



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