what bowl game will alabama play in

what bowl game will alabama play in

Which Bowl Game Will Alabama Play In?

The Crimson Tide of Alabama never fail to make a big impact on NCAA football. Having made the College Football Playoff for the past four years, it’s no surprise that the Tide have been continuously gunning for the National Championship title year after year. As such, the question on everyone’s mind is: which bowl game will Alabama play in?

How Is the Bowl Game Chosen?

The name of the bowl game is determined based on the user rankings at the end of the football season. The College Football Playoff selection committee ranks the teams and assigns them to the appropriate bowl. The selection is based on records, strength of schedule, and accomplishment throughout the year. All of these factors contribute to the strength of the team and its overall ranking.

What Are Alabama’s Chances of Making It to a Bowl Game?

Given their successful record in recent years, Alabama’s chances of making a bowl game in 2020 are pretty high. Currently, the Crimson Tide have a 7-0 record and are in contention for the College Football Playoff. They are also ranked 7th in the latest Associated Press poll and 5th in the USA Today poll. All of this together virtually guarantees them a spot in a bowl game this season.

Which Bowl Will Alabama Play in?

As of now, it is uncertain which bowl Alabama will be sent to. The Sugar Bowl and the Orange bowl are both possibilities, as they are the two semi-final games in the College Football Playoff. However, the outcome of the next few games will determine the final bowl selection. Chances are, however, that the Tide will make it into one of those two bowls, as they are typically awarded to teams with the best rankings.


Whether it is the Sugar Bowl or the Orange Bowl, one thing is certain: Alabama will make it to a bowl game in 2020. With their impressive records and strength of schedule, their chances of making an impact on the college bowl postseason are high. Until we have a definite answer, we’ll just have to keep an eye on the rankings and wait for the final announcement.



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