what bowl game will ohio state play in 2023

what bowl game will ohio state play in 2023

Ohio State in 2023: Looking Ahead to Bowl Games

It’s no secret that Ohio State Football loves to compete in bowl games – and the 2023 season won’t be any different. With an impressive starting lineup and a dynamic coaching staff, the Buckeyes have the potential to have an outstanding season that may just land them in one of the most prestigious bowl games there is.

A Look At Ohio State’s Prospects

The Buckeyes have some of the strongest players on the offensive and defensive sides, with a great mix of veteran talent and rookies ready to make their mark. Here’s a quick look at some of the key players of Ohio State’s 2023 team:

  • QB: Trey Smith – A five-star recruit who was the top-ranked high school quarterback in the country.
  • RB: Micah Parsons – The second-ranked recruit in the country and top-rated running back.
  • WR: Rashod Berry – A highly sought-after receiver who posted 1,000+ receiving yards in his final year in college.
  • DE: Chase Young – A talented pass rusher with the potential to be one of the best defensive players in school history.

Overall, Ohio State is looking incredibly strong heading into the 2023 season, and ready to make a splash in the bowl games.

Ohio State’s Most Likely Bowl Game Choices

With the Buckeyes’ strong team and record, there are several bowl games that they could qualify for – but they’ll likely be vying for a spot in one of these prestigious games:

  • The College Football Playoff – The ultimate goal for any team and, if Ohio State has an impressive record, they could find themselves in the running for a national championship.
  • The Cotton Bowl – The Cotton Bowl features some of the best teams in the country and could be an exciting game for fans.
  • The Rose Bowl – One of the most iconic bowl games in college football, the Rose Bowl is one of the most prestigious games and Ohio State could have a chance to take home the trophy.

Overall, Ohio State has a bright future ahead of them and a great chance to qualify for one of the top bowl games in the country in 2023. All eyes will be on the Buckeyes this season as they aim to prove that they are one of the best teams in the nation.



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